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This function will extract Red, Green, Blue and Alpha values from a hex string you provide it. These strings follow the same format as used in HTML, with addition of the Alpha values.


int, int, int, int getColorFromString ( string theColor )

Required Arguments

  • theColor: A string containing a valid color code.
Valid strings are:
  • #RRGGBB: Colors specified, Alpha assumed to be 255.
  • #RRGGBBAA: All values specified.
  • #RGB: Shortened form, will be expanded internally to RRGGBB, as such it provides a smaller number of colors.
  • #RGBA: As above, shortened - each character is duplicated.
For example:
  • #FF00FF is Red: 255, Green: 0, Blue: 255, Alpha: 255
  • #F0F is Red: 255, Green: 0, Blue: 255, Alpha: 255 (the same as the example above)
  • #34455699 is Red: 52, Green: 69, Blue: 86, Alpha: 153

All colors used must begin with a # sign.


Returns four integers in RGBA format, with a maximum value of 255 for each. Each stands for red, green, blue, and alpha. Alpha decides transparancy where 255 is opaque and 0 is transparent. false is returned if the string passed is invalid (for example, is missing the preceeding # sign).


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This example will set the blip attached to a player to a color they specify by typing set_my_color [color] in the console.

function setPlayerBlipColor ( playerSource, commandName, colorString )
    local red, green, blue, alpha = getColorFromString ( colorString )  -- convert the color string to numbers
    local playerBlip = getBlipAttachedTo ( playerSource )               -- find the blip attached to the player
    if ( playerBlip and red ) then                                      -- check a blip is attached to the player and that a valid color was specified
        setBlipColor ( playerBlip, red, green, blue, alpha )            -- set the player's blip color
addCommandHandler ( "set_my_color", setPlayerBlipColor )

-- specify the getBlipAttachedTo function
function getBlipAttachedTo( thePlayer )
	local blips = getElementsByType( "blip" )
	for k, theBlip in ipairs( blips ) do
		if getElementAttachedTo( theBlip ) == thePlayer then
			return theBlip
	return false

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