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This function retrieves the hex number of a specified color, useful for the dx functions. Added server-side.


int tocolor ( int red, int green, int blue [, int alpha = 255 ] )

Required Arguments

  • red: The amount of red in the color (0-255).
  • green: The amount of green in the color (0-255).
  • blue: The amount of blue in the color (0-255).

Optional Arguments

  • alpha: The amount of alpha in the color (0-255).


Returns a single value representing the color.


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This example displays the text "Tuna" in small at the top left side of your screen. The color of this text can be changed using the command /tunaColor.

local tunaColor = tocolor(255, 0, 0, 255) -- Default color

-- This function draws the text
local function drawTuna()
	dxDrawText("Tuna", 5, 5, 100, 100, tunaColor)
addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, drawTuna)

--This function handles the /tunaColor command, allowing players to set the color of tuna
local function tunaColorCommand(command, red, green, blue, alpha)
	red, green, blue, alpha = tonumber(red), tonumber(green), tonumber(blue), tonumber(alpha) -- Convert all the args to numbers. NOTE: tonumber will return false if the arg is not provided/is not valid.
	-- Remind the user of the proper syntax if they failed to provide all the args
	if not red or not green or not blue then
		outputChatBox("* USAGE: /tunaColor [red] [green] [blue] [alpha]", 255, 0, 0)
	-- Make the alpha arg optional
	if not alpha then
		alpha = 255
	-- Update the color
	tunaColor = tocolor(red, green, blue, alpha)
addCommandHandler("tunaColor", tunaColorCommand)
-- Example /setcoloroftuna 255 0 0 255 - for red.


Version Description
1.5.5-r13977 Added server-side

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