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This function splits a string into substrings. You specify a character that will act as a separating character; this will determine where to split the sub-strings. For example, it can split the string "Hello World" into two strings containing the two words, by spliting using a space as a separator.

Note: You can use the function gettok to retrieve a single token from the string at a specific index. This may be faster for one-off lookups, but considerably slower if you are going to check each token in a long string.


table split ( string stringToSplit, string / int separatingChar )

Required Arguments

  • stringToSplit The string you wish to split into parts.
  • separatingChar A string of the character you want to split, or the ASCII number representing the character you want to use to split. If you want to split a string at multiple characters see splitMultiple


Returns a table of substrings split from the original string if successful, false otherwise.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: Unicode characters work but when combined with others do not. E.g: #split("a€cb†", "€") returns 3 but #split("a€cb", "€") returns 2.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: You can't use same char twice as a separator. Eg.:


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This example gives the specified weapons to the given player, while the weapons are a string in the form: 'weaponId,ammo;weaponId2,ammo2;weaponId3,ammo3;..'. This is especially for data read from a .map file attribute.

function giveWeapons(player, weaponsString)
	local weaponsTable = split(weaponsString, ';') --split the string by the semi colon
	for k,v in ipairs(weaponsTable) do --for all the split values do
		weaponId = gettok(v, 1, string.byte(',')) --get the weapon ID using gettok, retrieve the first token
		weaponAmmo = gettok(v, 2, ",") --get the ammo using gettok, retrieve the second token
		if (weaponId and weaponAmmo) then --if neither of them is invalid
			giveWeapon(player, weaponId, weaponAmmo) --give the player the weapons

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