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This function gives you various version information about MTA and the operating system.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: Clientside will return the version from the player, and the server-sided will return version from the server.
[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: Current server version:

mta -> 1.6
netcode -> 474
number -> 352
sortable -> 1.6.0-9.22279.0
tag -> 1.6-release-22279
type -> Release


table getVersion ( )


Returns a table with version information. Specifically these keys are present in the table:

  • number: the MTA server or client version (depending where the function was called) in pure numerical form, e.g. "256"
  • mta: the MTA server or client version (depending where the function was called) in textual form, e.g. "1.0"
  • name: the full MTA product name, either "MTA:SA Server" or "MTA:SA Client".
  • netcode: the netcode version number.
  • os: returns the operating system on which the server or client is running
  • type: the type of build. can be:
    • "Nightly rX" - A nightly development build. X represents the nightly build revision.
    • "Custom" - A build compiled manually
    • "Release" - A build that is publicly released (provisional).
  • tag: the build tag (from 1.0.3 onwards). Contains infomation about the underlying version used. i.e. The final version of 1.0.3 has the build tag of "1.0.3 rc-9". (This can be confirmed by using the console command 'ver'.)
  • sortable: a 15 character sortable version string (from 1.0.4 onwards). Format of the string is described in getPlayerVersion.


Example 1: This example will make a script compatible only with version 1.0:

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function setHoboSkin(playerSource)
  local version = getVersion()
  if version.number < 256 then -- MTA 1.0 version number is 0x0100
    setPlayerSkin(playerSource, 137)
    setElementModel(playerSource, 137)
addCommandHandler("hobo", setHoboSkin)

Example 2: This client and server example will kick players that have anything earlier than the final released version of 1.0.3:

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function sendVersion()
  -- Send local player version to the server
  triggerServerEvent("onNotifyPlayerVersion", resourceRoot, getVersion())
addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, sendVersion)
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function handlePlayerVersion(version)
  if version.number > 256 + 3 then  -- Allow anything above 1.0.3
  if version.number == 256 + 3 then  -- Check further if it is exactly 1.0.3
    if version.type == "Release" then -- Check further if it is the "Release" type
      local _, _, buildnumber = string.find(version.tag or "", "(%d)$")  -- Extract the build number if there
      buildnumber = tonumber(buildnumber) or 0
      if buildnumber >= 9 then  -- Allow 9 and above
  outputConsole("Kicking player as below 1.0.3 Release build 9")
  kickPlayer(client, "Upgrade your version at")
addEvent("onNotifyPlayerVersion", true)
addEventHandler("onNotifyPlayerVersion", resourceRoot, handlePlayerVersion)

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