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This function enables or disables glitches that are found in the original Single Player game that can be used to gain an advantage in multiplayer.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: By default all these glitches are disabled - use this function to enable them.

Users of the fastmove glitch may additionally want to install this resource to disable crouchsliding.


bool setGlitchEnabled ( string glitchName, bool enable )

Required Arguments

  • glitchName: the name of the property to set. Possible values are:
  • quickreload: This is the glitch where switching weapons auto-reloads your weapon, without actually performing the reload animation.
  • fastmove: This is the glitch that can be achieved by a certain key combinations whilst standing up after crouching, which allows you to move quickly with slow weapons (e.g. deagle). Side effect: also enables the "crouchslide" bug - use the "NoCrouchSlide" resource to remedy this.
  • fastfire: This is the glitch that can be achieved by cancelling the full fire animation, allowing you to shoot with slow-fire weapons (e.g. deagle) much faster.
  • crouchbug: This is the glitch where the post shooting animation can be aborted by using the crouch key.
  • highcloserangedamage: Enabling this removes the extremely high damage guns inflict when fired at very close range.
  • hitanim: Enabling this allows 'hit by bullet' animations to interrupt player aiming.
  • fastsprint: Enabling fastsprint allows players to tap space with a macro to boost their speed beyond normal speeds of GTASA.
  • baddrivebyhitbox: This glitch leaves players invulnerable to gun fire when performing certain driveby animations.
  • quickstand: This glitch allows players to quickly stand up by pressing the crouch, sprint or jump controls just after realasing the aim weapon button while using one and being ducked.
  • kickoutofvehicle_onmodelreplace: This glitch enables the old behavior where players get warped out of a vehicle when the model is replaced.
  • enable: whether or not to enable the glitch.


Returns true if successful, false otherwise.


This example enables all glitches in the server once the resource is loaded.

local glitches = {"quickreload", "fastmove", "fastfire", "crouchbug", "highcloserangedamage", "hitanim", "fastsprint", "baddrivebyhitbox", "quickstand", "kickoutofvehicle_onmodelreplace"}

function enableGlitches()
   for _, glitch in ipairs(glitches) do
      setGlitchEnabled(glitch, true)
addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, enableGlitches)

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