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This function changes the visible size of an object.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: setObjectScale does not affect the collision models for the object, as such is unsuitable for use for interaction with players, vehicles or other objects.


bool setObjectScale ( object theObject, float scale [, float scaleY = scale, float scaleZ = scale ] )

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Method: object:setScale(...)
Variable: .scale
Counterpart: getObjectScale

Required Arguments

  • theObject: the object you wish to change the scale of.
  • scale: a float containing the new scale. 1.0 is the standard scale, with 0.5 being half the size and 2.0 being twice the size. If the scaleY is set, this will be scaleX.

Optional Arguments

  • scaleY: a float containing the new scale on the Y axis
  • scaleZ: a float containing the new scale on the Z axis


  • true if the scale was set properly.
  • false otherwise.


This example creates an antenna, and changes the size of it.

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-- Get the position of the player

local x, y, z = getElementPosition(localPlayer)

-- Create the object

local antennaObject = createObject(1595, x + 2, y, z)

if antennaObject then -- If it was created
	-- Set the scale to half the normal scale

	setObjectScale(antennaObject, 0.5)

	-- Remove the collision

	setElementCollisionsEnabled(antennaObject, false)

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