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This will allow you to stop an object that is currently moving.


bool stopObject ( object theObject )

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Method: object:stop(...)

Required Arguments

  • theObject: the object whose movement you wish to stop


  • true if successful.
  • false otherwise.


This will allow you to toggle the random movement of a staircase object model using a randomObjectMovement function and stop it immediately with the stopObject command. This is achieved by using a "toggleobjectmove" command with a "on" or "off" parameter.

function objectMoveControl ( thePlayer, commandName, state )
    -- On "toggleobjectmove" in console, activate this command, which also asks the player to define the value for the varible 'state'. 
    if state == "on" then
        outputChatBox ( "Moving object randomly" )
        mytimer = setTimer ( randomObjectMovement, 2250, 0 )
        -- if the player types "on" for the state variable, turn on the timer, which triggers a function
        -- called randomObjectMovement that moves the object whenever it is called (not included for
        -- this example). The timer runs every 2 1/4 seconds for 0 times, which means it runs infinitely.
    elseif state == "off" then
        outputChatBox ( "Stopping object movement" )
        killTimer ( mytimer )
        stopObject ( myobject )
        -- if the player typed "off" for state, stop the object movement immediately and kill the
        -- randomObjectMovement timer
        outputChatBox ( "must define object state as 'on' or 'off'" )
        -- if the player typed something besides "on" or "off" for state, do nothing
addCommandHandler ( "toggleobjectmove", objectMoveControl )

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