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This function allows the setting of the scale of a text item.


bool textItemSetScale ( textitem theTextitem, float scale )

Required Arguments

  • theTextitem: The text item you wish to set the scale of.
  • scale: A floating point value indicating the scale of the text you wish to set to. 1.0 is around 12pt.


Returns true if the scale was successfully set, false otherwise.


This example retrieves the scale of the theTextitem text item, and if it is too small it enlarges it so it is more visible.

local scale = textItemGetScale ( theTextItem )  --get the scale of theTextitem and define it as 'scale'
if (scale < 0.5) then --if the scale is smaller than 0.5
	textItemSetScale ( theTextItem, 1.0 ) --then restore it to default size, 1.0.

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