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هذه الوظيفة تستخدم لصنع كول شيب دائري الشكل.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Tip: To visualize a colshape when writing scripts, use the client console command showcol

تركيب الجملة البرمجية

colshape createColCircle ( float fX, float fY, float radius )             

العناصر المطلوبة

  • fX: الاحداثيات x
  • fY: الاحداثيات y
  • radius نصف قطر الدائرة


إرجاع عنصر الكولشيب اذا كانت استدعاء الوظيفة صحيح اذا غير ذلك قيمة خاطئة


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This example displays a chat message when a player enters the colshape and allows the colshape to be created using a console function set_zone.

theZone = false

function shapeHit ( thePlayer ) 
    outputChatBox ( getPlayerName ( thePlayer ) .. " is in the zone!" ) -- display a message in everyone's chat box

function setZone ( playerSource, commandName, fX, fY )
    if ( fY and fX ) then -- check we've got all 3 args we need
        local tempCol = createColCircle ( fX, fY, 10.0 ) -- create a col
        if ( tempCol == false ) then -- did the col get created successfully?
            outputConsole ( "Syntax is: set_zone <X> <Y>" ) -- inform the user what the valid syntax is
            if ( theZone ~= false ) then -- did we already have a zone?
                destroyElement ( theZone ) -- if so, destroy it
                   addEventHandler ( "onColShapeHit", theZone, shapeHit ) -- add a handler for the onColShapeHit event
            theZone = tempCol -- and store the new zone we've made
            outputChatBox ( "Zone has moved!" ) -- and tell everyone
addCommandHandler ( "set_zone", setZone ) -- add a console function called set_zone that will trigger the function setZone

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