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Some elements have an associated colshape, for example Marker and Pickup. This function is used to get the associated colshape.


colshape getElementColShape ( element theElement )

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Method: element:getColShape(...)
Variable: .colShape

Required Arguments

  • theElement: The element you want to get the colshape of


Returns colshape of the element, false if not or an invalid argument was passed to the function.


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This example creates a marker inside Toreno's house and adds a command to check whether you are standing on it.

theMarker = createMarker( -687.9, 937.8, 13.6, "cylinder", 2.0, 255, 0, 0, 80 ) -- create a red cylinder marker inside Toreno's house

function checkOnMarker ( thePlayer )
    local isIn = isPlayerInMarker( thePlayer, theMarker ) -- use the function to check if player is in the marker
    if isIn then
        outputChatBox( "You are on the marker.", thePlayer )
        outputChatBox( "You are not on the marker.", thePlayer )
addCommandHandler ( "amionmarker", checkOnMarker )

-- define the isPlayerInMarker function
function isPlayerInMarker( thePlayer, theMarker )
	local theShape = getElementColShape( theMarker ) -- get markers colshape
	if isElementWithinColShape( thePlayer, theShape ) then -- check if the player is in it
		return true
	else -- he isn't on the marker
		return false

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