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Sets the model of a given element. This allows you to change the model of a player (or ped), a vehicle or an object.


bool setElementModel ( element theElement, int model )

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Method: element:setModel(...)
Variable: .model
Counterpart: getElementModel

Required Arguments

  • theElement: the element you want to change.
  • model: the model ID to set.
    • For players/peds: A GTASA player model (skin) ID. See Character Skins.
    • For vehicles: The vehicle ID of the vehicle being changed.
    • For objects/projectiles/weapons: An int specifying the model id.


Returns true if successful, false otherwise.


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Example 1 (Server)
addCommandHandler ( "changeveh",
    function ( thePlayer, command, newModel )
        local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer ) -- get the vehicle the player is in
        newModel = tonumber ( newModel )                          -- try to convert the string argument to a number
        if theVehicle and newModel then                           -- make sure the player is in a vehicle and specified a number
            setElementModel ( theVehicle, newModel )

After the above code is executed, a player can get in any vehicle and execute e.g. the command "/changeveh 520" to change it into a hydra.

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Example 2 (Server)

This will continually change an object model every 2.5 seconds at the location -1084.52, -1634.81, 76.36 (Truth's farm).

myobject = createObject ( 5822, -1084.52, -1634.81, 76.36 )
-- We create an initial object element. I choose object model 5822 to begin with.

function objectRandomization ()  
    local randomobjectnumber = math.random(1, 18000)
    -- Choose a random number between 1 and 18000 as a whole integer and assign it to
    -- the variable 'randomobjectnumber'
    setElementModel ( myobject, randomobjectnumber )
    -- Change our object appearance by applying a new model ID

setTimer ( objectRandomization, 2500, 0 )
-- Every 2.5 seconds, the function 'objectRandomization' is called by this timer.
-- Each time the function runs, it changes the object model by applying a new whole-
-- integer random object ID. This timer is called an infinite amount of times since  
-- its repeat value is set to 0.

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