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This function returns one of the child elements of a given parent element. The child element is selected by its index (0 for the first child, 1 for the second and so on).


element getElementChild ( element parent, int index ) 

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Method: element:getChild(...)

Required Arguments

  • parent: the element above the one to be returned in the hierarchy.
  • index: the element's index (0 for the first element, 1 for the second, etc).


Returns the requested element if it exists, or false if it doesn't.


If the .map file contains:

<team1 id="red">
	<base name="Mountain Top" />
	<base name="Docks" />
	<base name="Airport" />

This outputs the name of the specified base. For example: 'teamBase 0' for the first base.

function showTeamBase(thePlayer, command, index)
	local theTeam = getElementByID("red")                   -- get the team element
	local base = getElementChild(theTeam, tonumber(index))  -- get the Child of the element, based on the 'index' the player specified.
	if (base ~= false) then                                 -- if the base exists
		outputChatBox("Team base " .. index .. ": " .. getElementData(base, "name"), thePlayer)  -- output it to the player
		outputChatBox("Base not found.", thePlayer)
addCommandHandler("teamBase", showTeamBase)

Note that if there are other child elements, you'd have to check whether the element is a base with the getElementType function. For example: 'teamBase 3' would output 'Team Base 3: Factory' with the .map file below, even though it's no base.

<team1 id="red">
	<base name="Mountain Top" />
	<base name="Docks" />
	<base name="Airport" />
	<target name="Factory" />

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