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This function freezes an element (stops it in its position and disables movement) or unfreezes it.

[[|link=|]] Warning: This function cancels any animation set by setPedAnimation if you freeze the ped.


bool setElementFrozen ( element theElement, bool freezeStatus )

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Method: element:setFrozen(...)
Variable: .frozen
Counterpart: isElementFrozen

Required Arguments

  • theElement: The element whose freeze status we want to change.
  • freezeStatus: A boolean denoting whether we want to freeze (true) or unfreeze (false) it.


Returns true if the element was frozen, false if it wasn't or if invalid arguments are passed.


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Serverside example

This example binds the "p" key to a function to freeze/unfreeze the player's current vehicle.

function toggleFreezeStatus(thePlayer) -- This function freezes the specified player's vehicle, if he's in one
	local playerVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(thePlayer) -- Check if player's in vehicle

	if playerVehicle then -- if so
		local isPlayerVehicleFrozen = isElementFrozen(playerVehicle) -- Check if vehicle is frozen

		setElementFrozen(playerVehicle, not isPlayerVehicleFrozen) -- Set opposite state

local connectedPlayers = getElementsByType("player") -- Get all connected players

for playerID = 1, #connectedPlayers do -- Loop through each player
	local playerElement = connectedPlayers[playerID] -- Get player element by accessing it via playerID

	bindKey(playerElement, "p", "down", toggleFreezeStatus, "Toggle freeze status") -- Bind function for player


Issue ID Description
#1291 Ped rotation is always zero on client side if ped has been frozed after creating it
#541 Frozen ped rotation goes wrong with latency reduction enabled
#442 Client-side setElementFrozen should sync vehicle driven by local player

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