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This function returns the current health for the specified element. This can be a player, a ped, a vehicle, or an object.


float getElementHealth ( element theElement )

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Method: element:getHealth(...)
Variable: .health
Counterpart: setElementHealth

Required Arguments

  • theElement: The player or vehicle whose health you want to check.


Returns a float indicating the element's health, or false if invalid arguments were passed.


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Clientside example

This example outputs the health of the player who enters the command 'showhealth', and their vehicle's health.

function showLocalHealth()
	-- get the player's health and output it
	local playerHealth = getElementHealth ( localPlayer )
	outputChatBox ( "Your health: " .. playerHealth )

	-- get the player's vehicle: if he is in one, output its health as well
	local playerVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( localPlayer )
	if playerVehicle then
		local vehicleHealth = getElementHealth ( playerVehicle ) / 10  -- Divide this by 10, as default the denominator is 1000
		outputChatBox ( "Your vehicle's health: " .. vehicleHealth )
addCommandHandler ( "showhealth", showLocalHealth )

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