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This function allows you to set the double-sidedness of an element's model. When an element's model is double-sided, it's back facing triangles become visible.

Possible uses of double-sidedness are: Elimination of invisible walls, using buildings as enclosures, using inverted landmasses as large pits or to make cave networks. It can also remove the need to add extra triangles to custom models when trying to make them appear solid from all directions.


bool setElementDoubleSided ( element theElement, bool enable )

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Method: element:setDoubleSided(...)
Variable: .doubleSided
Counterpart: isElementDoubleSided

Required Arguments

  • theElement: The element in which you'd like to set the double-sidedness of.
  • enable : Set to true/false to enable/disable double-sidedness.


Returns true if theElement is valid, false otherwise.


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This example shows how to set the double-sidedness of an object in a map file.

<map mod="deathmatch">
    <object name="object (1)" posX="100" posY="200" posZ="20" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0" doublesided="true" model="3860"/>

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