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This function checks if a value is an element or not.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: This function is not reliable as element ids are eventually recycled. Always make sure you nil variables containing an element after calling destroyElement or handle onElementDestroy for players and elements that might be destroyed by another resource


bool isElement ( var theValue )

Required Arguments

  • theValue: The value that we want to check.


Returns true if the passed value is an element, false otherwise.


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This serverside function kills a player when it's passed his name or his element.

function killPlayer2 ( argument )
	-- if the argument is an element, and also a player,
	if isElement( argument ) and getElementType( argument ) == "player" then
		-- kill him
		killPed ( argument )

	-- if it isn't an element, but a string, it could be a name
	elseif type ( argument ) == "string" then
		-- retrieve the player with that name
		local playerElement = getPlayerFromName( argument )
		-- if a player with such a name exists,
		if playerElement then
			-- kill him
			killPed ( playerElement )

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