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This function returns the root node of the element tree, called root. This node contains every other element: all resource root elements, players and remote clients. It is never destroyed and cannot be destroyed using destroyElement.

It is often used to attach handler functions to events triggered for any element, or also to make a scripting function affect all elements.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: All resources have a predefined global variable called root that has the root element as value. The variable exists server side as well as client side.


element getRootElement ( )


Returns the root element.


This example will output the number of loaded resources by counting resource elements that are children of the root node.

--By default, predefined variable 'root' is getRootElement()
local rootChildren = getElementChildren( root )

local resourceCount = 0
for k, child in ipairs( rootChildren ) do
	if getElementType( child ) == "resource" then
		resourceCount = resourceCount + 1

outputChatBox( "There are " .. resourceCount .. " loaded resources." )

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