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This function enables/disables call propagation on a certain element. Look at the example for a practical application.


bool setElementCallPropagationEnabled ( element theElement, bool enabled )

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: element:setCallPropagationEnabled(...)

Required Arguments

  • theElement: The element whose propagation behaviour you'd like to change
  • enabled: Whether propagation should be enabled or not


Returns true, if the propagation behaviour has been changed successfully, false otherwise.


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local parentImage = guiCreateStaticImage(0, 0, 64, 64, "img1.png", false)
local childImage = guiCreateStaticImage(0, 0, 16, 16, "img2.png", false, parentImage)

-- Disable call propagation
setElementCallPropagationEnabled(parentImage, false)

-- Load another image
guiStaticImageLoadImage(parentImage, "img3.png")
    Normally (enabled call propagation) both parentImage and childImage would contain "img3.png" now. 
    Due to disabled call propagation only parentImage will contain "img3.png" now (the call was not propagated down the tree)

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