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Get the ACL with the given name. If need to get most of the ACL's, you should consider using aclList to get a table of them all.


acl aclGet ( string aclName )

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Note: This function is a static function underneath the ACL class.
Method: ACL.get(...)

Required Arguments

  • aclName: The name to get the ACL belonging to


Returns the ACL with that name if it could be retrieved, false/nil if the ACL does not exist or it fails for some other reason.


This example adds a command setaclright with which you can easily add new rights to specified access control lists.

function setACLRight ( thePlayer, commandName, aclName, rightName, access )
    local ourACL = aclGet ( aclName )
    -- if there is no previous ACL with this name, we need to create one
    if not ourACL then
        ourACL = aclCreate ( aclName )

    -- turn the boolean string to lower case
    access = string.lower ( access )
    -- access has to be either true or false (booleans)
    if not (access == "true" or access == "false") then
        -- print out error message to debug window
        return outputDebugString ( "Invalid access; true and false are only accepted", 1 )

    -- change the access to boolean
    if access == "true" then
        access = true
        access = false

    -- and finally let's set the right
    aclSetRight ( ourACL, rightName, access )
    -- don't forget to save the ACL after it has been modified
    aclSave ()
addCommandHandler ( "setaclright", setACLRight )

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