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This function removes the given object from the given ACL group. The object can be a resource or a player. See aclGroupAddObject for more details.


bool aclGroupRemoveObject ( aclgroup theGroup, string theObjectString )

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: aclgroup:removeObject(...)

Required Arguments

  • theGroup: The ACL group to remove the object string from
  • theObjectString: The object to remove from the ACL group


Returns true if the object existed in the ACL and could be removed, false if it could not be removed for some reason, ie. it did not exist in the given ACL group.


This example does...

function deladm (playerSource, commandName, accountName)
	if accountName then --Make the script able to detect if a user is given.
		aclGroupRemoveObject (aclGetGroup("Admin"), "user."..accountName) --Removing the admin.
		outputChatBox ("ACL: Account '"..accountName.."' succesfully removed as admin.", playerSource) -- Giving you a messsage.
		outputChatBox ("ACL: Someone have removed you as admin.", accountName) -- giving the poor removed guy a message.
	else --Make the Syntax display.
		outputChatBox ("ACL: No account name specified.", playerSource)
		outputChatBox ("ACL: Syntax: /deladmin [accountName]", playerSource)
addCommandHandler ("deladmin", deladm)

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