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This function adds an object to the given ACL group. An object can be a player's account, specified as:


Or a resource, specified as:


Objects are specified as strings. The ACL groups work for the user accounts and the resources that are specified in them.


bool aclGroupAddObject ( aclgroup theGroup, string theObjectName )

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Method: aclgroup:addObject(...)

Required Arguments

  • theGroup: The group to add the object name string too.
  • theObjectName: The object string to add to the given ACL.


Returns true if the object was successfully added to the ACL, false if it already existed in the list.


This example makes every player able to use a command named "giveAccountAdminRights" that will add a specific accountname as an ACL object to the "Admin" group.

function giveAdminRights (playerSource, commandName, accountName) --add the function giveAdminRights and specify its arguments
	if accountName then --if there was an accountName entered then
		aclGroupAddObject (aclGetGroup("Admin"), "user."..accountName) --add an ACL object using the form "user.[accountName]" to the ACL group "Admin"
		outputChatBox ("Account '"..accountName.."' succesfully added to the admin group", playerSource) --output a notification to the player who entered the command that the acocunt was successfully added
	else --else output an error message and the correct syntax of the command to the player who entered it
		outputChatBox ("No account name specified.", playerSource)
		outputChatBox ("Correct syntax: /giveAccountAdminRights [accountName]", playerSource)

addCommandHandler ("giveAccountAdminRights", giveAdminRights) --add a command "giveAccountAdminRights" and attch the function "giveAdminRights" to it 

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