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This function will tell you what color a blip is. This color is only applicable to the default blip icon (Blipid0s.png, Blipid0u.png or Blipid0d.png). All other icons will ignore this.


int int int int getBlipColor ( blip theBlip )

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Method: blip:getColor(...)
Counterpart: setBlipColor

Required Arguments

  • theBlip: The blip whose color you wish to get.


Returns four integers in RGBA format, with a maximum value of 255 for each. The values are, in order, red, green, blue, and alpha. Alpha decides the transparancy where 255 is opaque and 0 is fully transparent. false is returned if the blip is invalid.


This example will find all the blips that exist and set them all to white if they aren't white already.

-- Retrieve a table containing all the blips that exist
blips = getElementsByType ( "blip" )
-- Loop through the list, storing the blip from the table in the variable blipValue
for blipKey, blipValue in ipairs(blips) do
	-- Retrieve the blip's colors into the variables red, green, blue and alpha
	red, green, blue, alpha = getBlipColor ( blipValue )
	-- If the blip's icon isn't white already
	if ( red ~= 255 or green ~= 255 or blue ~= 255 or alpha ~= 255 ) then
		-- Set the blip's color to white
		setBlipColor ( blipValue, 255, 255, 255, 255 )

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