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This function will let you change the color of a blip. This color is only applicable to the default blip icon (Blipid0s.png, Blipid0u.png or Blipid0d.png). All other icons will ignore this.


bool setBlipColor ( blip theBlip, int red, int green, int blue, int alpha )

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Method: blip:setColor(...)
Counterpart: getBlipColor

Required Arguments

  • theBlip: The blip who's color you wish to set.
  • red: The amount of red in the blip's color (0 - 255).
  • green: The amount of green in the blip's color (0 - 255).
  • blue: The amount of blue in the blip's color (0 - 255).
  • alpha: The amount of alpha in the blip's color (0 - 255). Alpha decides transparancy where 255 is opaque and 0 is transparent.


Returns true if the blip's color was set successfully. Returns false if the blip passed to the function is invalid, or any of the colors are out of the valid range.


This example will find all the blips that exist and set them all to white if they aren't white already.

-- Retrieve a table containing all the blips that exist
local blips = getElementsByType ( "blip" )
-- Loop through the list, storing the blip from the table in the variable blipValue
for blipKey, blipValue in ipairs ( blips ) do
	-- Retrieve the blip's colors into the variables red, green, blue and alpha
	local red, green, blue, alpha = getBlipColor ( blipValue )
	-- If the blip's icon isn't white already
	if ( red ~= 255 or green ~= 255 or blue ~= 255 or alpha ~= 255 ) then
		-- Set the blip's color to white
		setBlipColor ( blipValue, 255, 255, 255, 255 )

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