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This function returns the field of view of the dynamic camera as set by setCameraFieldOfView.


float getCameraFieldOfView ( string cameraMode )

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: Camera.getFieldOfView(...)
Variable: .fov
Counterpart: setCameraFieldOfView

Required Arguments

  • cameraMode: the camera mode to get the field of view of
    • "player": whilst walking/running
    • "vehicle": whilst in vehicle
    • "vehicle_max": the max the field of view can go to when the vehicle is moving at a high speed (must be higher than "vehicle")


Returns one float - the field of view angle


In this example, the field of view is output to the chat whenever the /getfov command is written

function getCamFOV()
    outputChatBox("The camera field of view for 'player walking/running' is: " .. getCameraFieldOfView("player"))
addCommandHandler("getfov", getCamFOV)

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