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This function retrieves the maximum FPS (Frames per second) that players on the server can run their game at.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note:
  • Starting from version [r21313] and above fpsLimit range is 25-32767. In older MTA releases it was 25-100.


int getFPSLimit ()         


Returns an integer between 25 and 32767 (refer to the note above) of the maximum FPS that players can run their game at.


This example displays a message in the chatbox showing the current FPS limit.

function checkFPSLimit()
	local fpsLimit = getFPSLimit()

	outputChatBox("The FPS limit is: "..fpsLimit)
addCommandHandler("checkfpslimit", checkFPSLimit) -- Add command "checkfpslimit" which calls the function checkFPSLimit

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