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This function checks if the specified URL is blocked from being loaded.


bool isBrowserDomainBlocked ( string address [, bool isURL = false] )

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Note: This is a static function under the Browser class
Method: Browser.isDomainBlocked(...)

Required arguments

  • address: A website URL

Optional arguments

  • isURL: true if address should be parsed as URL, false otherwise.


Returns false if the URL is able to be loaded, true if it is blocked and nil if an invalid domain/URL was passed.


--Check the state of
if ( isBrowserDomainBlocked ( "" ) ) then
	--If it is blocked.
	outputChatBox(" is blocked and can't be loaded right now!")
	--If it is not blocked. (Was accepted by the user)
	outputChatBox(" is not blocked and ready to be loaded!")

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