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[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: Don't forget to give admin rights to the resource, in which you are using kickPlayer function or it won't work.

This function will kick the specified player from the server.


bool kickPlayer ( player kickedPlayer, [ player/string responsiblePlayer, string reason = "" ] )         


bool kickPlayer ( player kickedPlayer, [ string reason = "" ] )

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Method: player:kick(...)

Required Arguments

  • kickedPlayer: The player that will be kicked from the server

Optional Arguments

  • responsiblePlayer: The player that is responsible for the event. Note: If left out as in the second syntax, responsible player for the kick will be "Console" (Maximum 30 characters if using a string).
  • reason: The reason for the kick. (Maximum 64 characters before 1.5.8, Maximum 128 characters after 1.5.8)


Returns true if the player was kicked succesfully, false if invalid arguments are specified.


This example lets a player kick anyone who has a lower level.

function kickPlayerHandler ( sourcePlayer, commandname, kickedname, ... )
	-- Get player element from the name
	local kicked = getPlayerFromName ( kickedname )
	-- If the client who sent the command has a higher level
        local reason = table.concat({...}, " ")
	if ( hasObjectPermissionTo ( sourcePlayer, "function.kickPlayer" ) ) then
		-- Kick the player
		kickPlayer ( kicked, sourcePlayer, reason )
-- Add the "kick" command handler
addCommandHandler ( "kick", kickPlayerHandler )

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