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This function will return the unbanning time of the specified ban in seconds.


int getUnbanTime ( ban theBan )

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Method: ban:getUnbanTime(...)
Variable: .unbanTime
Counterpart: setUnbanTime

Required Arguments

  • theBan: The ban in which you wish to retrieve the unban time of.


  • Returns an integer of the unbanning time in the format of seconds from the year 1970. Use in conjunction with getRealTime in order to retrieve detailed information.
  • Returns false if invalid arguments are specified or if there was no unbanning time specified for the ban.


function listBans ()
	local bansList = getBans() -- Return a table of all the bans.
	for banID, ban in ipairs ( banList ) do -- For every ban do the following...
		local nick = getBanNick ( ban ) -- Get the IP of the ban
                local timetounban = getUnbanTime ( ban ) -- get the time to wait of the banned player
		if nick then
			outputChatBox ( "Ban #" .. banID .. ": " .. nick.." || Time to unban: "..timetounban , source, 255, 0, 0 ) -- Output the baninfo
addCommandHandler ( "bans", listBans ) -- Add "/bans" as the trigger for the function.

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