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This function gets the server or client (if used client sided it returns time as set on client's computer) real time and returns it in a table. If you want to get the in-game time (shown on GTA's clock) use getTime.


table getRealTime( [ int seconds = current, bool localTime = true ] )

Optional Arguments

  • seconds: A count in seconds from the year 1970. Useful for storing points in time, or for retrieving time information for getBanTime. The valid range of this argument is 0 to 32,000,000,000
  • localTime: Set to true to adjust for the locally set timezone.


Returns a table of substrings with different time format or false if the seconds argument is out of range.

Member Meaning Range
second seconds after the minute 0-61*
minute minutes after the hour 0-59
hour hours since midnight 0-23
monthday day of the month 1-31
month months since January 0-11
year years since 1900
weekday days since Sunday 0-6
yearday days since January 1 0-365
isdst Daylight Saving Time flag
timestamp seconds since 1970 (Ignoring set timezone)
  • second is generally 0-59. Extra range to accommodate for leap seconds in certain systems.


This example outputs local time (server or client, where ever it was triggered) as hours and minutes

function showtime ()
	local time = getRealTime()
	local hours = time.hour
	local minutes = time.minute
	outputChatBox ( "Local Time: "..hours..":"..minutes )


Version Description
1.4.0-9.06976 Added localTime argument

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