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This function gets the server or client (if used client sided it returns time as set on client's computer) real time and returns it in a table. If you want to get the in-game time (shown on GTA's clock) use getTime.


table getRealTime( [ int seconds = current, bool localTime = true ] )

Optional Arguments

  • seconds: A count in seconds from the year 1970. Useful for storing points in time, or for retrieving time information for getBanTime. The valid range of this argument is 0 to 32,000,000,000
  • localTime: Set to true to adjust for the locally set timezone.


Returns a table of substrings with different time format or false if the seconds argument is out of range.

Member Meaning Range
second seconds after the minute 0-61*
minute minutes after the hour 0-59
hour hours since midnight 0-23
monthday day of the month 1-31
month months since January 0-11
year years since 1900
weekday days since Sunday 0-6
yearday days since January 1 0-365
isdst Daylight Saving Time flag
timestamp seconds since 1970 (Ignoring set timezone)
  • second is generally 0-59. Extra range to accommodate for leap seconds in certain systems.


This example adds 'showtime' like the default MTA 'time' command:

function showtime ()
	local time = getRealTime()
	local hours = time.hour
	local minutes = time.minute
	local seconds = time.second
	-- Make sure to add a 0 to the front of single digits.
	if (hours < 10) then
		hours = "0"..hours
	if (minutes < 10) then
		minutes = "0"..minutes
	if (seconds < 10) then
		seconds = "0"..seconds
	outputChatBox ( "Local Time: "..hours..":"..minutes..":"..seconds )
addCommandHandler("showtime", showtime)


Version Description
1.4.0-9.06976 Added localTime argument

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