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This function returns network status information.


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table getNetworkStats ( )
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table getNetworkStats ( [ element thePlayer = nil ] )

Optional Arguments

  • thePlayer: The player you want to retrieve network stats from.


Returns a table, the indexes in the table are the following:

  • bytesReceived - Total number of bytes received since the connection was started
  • bytesSent - Total number of bytes sent since the connection was started
  • packetsReceived - Total number of packets received since the connection was started
  • packetsSent - Total number of packets sent since the connection was started
  • packetlossTotal - (0-100) Total packet loss percentage of sent data, since the connection was started
  • packetlossLastSecond - (0-100) Packet loss percentage of sent data, during the previous second
  • messagesInSendBuffer
  • messagesInResendBuffer - Number of packets queued to be resent (due to packet loss)
  • isLimitedByCongestionControl
  • isLimitedByOutgoingBandwidthLimit
  • encryptionStatus


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This example outputs the local players network status information to their console when using the /netstatus command

function netStatus()
	for index, value in pairs(getNetworkStats()) do
		outputConsole(index..": "..value)
	outputChatBox("Network status output to console", 0, 255, 0)
addCommandHandler("netstatus", netStatus)

This example outputs a warning to local player if packet loss occured in the last second

function packetLossCheck()
	local loss = getNetworkStats()["packetlossLastSecond"]
	if (loss > 0) then
		outputChatBox("Packet loss detected when communicating with server, gameplay may be affected", 255, 0, 0)
setTimer(packetLossCheck, 1000, 0)

This example tracks the average and peak packetloss over the last 60 seconds PLEASE NOTE: this example is untested.

PACKETLOSS_HISTORY_LENGTH = 60	-- Sample period in seconds
packetlossHistory = {}
packetlossAvg = 0		-- (Output) Average packet loss over last 60 seconds
packetlossPeak = 0		-- (Output) Peak packet loss over last 60 seconds

function samplePacketLoss()
	table.insert( packetlossHistory, getNetworkStats().packetlossLastSecond )
	while( #packetlossHistory > PACKETLOSS_HISTORY_LENGTH ) do
		table.remove( packetlossHistory, 1 )
	packetlossAvg = 0
	packetlossPeak = 0
	for _,value in ipairs(packetlossHistory) do
		packetlossAvg = packetlossAvg + value
		packetlossPeak = math.max( packetlossPeak, value )
	packetlossAvg = packetlossAvg / #packetlossHistory


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