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This function allows the window to flash in the Windows taskbar.


bool setWindowFlashing ( bool shouldFlash [, int count = 10 ] )

Required Arguments

  • shouldFlash: whether the window should flash

Optional Arguments

  • count: the number of times the window should flash, defaults to 10 times


Returns false if:

  • the window is already in focus
  • the client has disabled this feature

Returns true otherwise


A command that allows the player to flash their window three times after one second.

		setTimer(setWindowFlashing, 1000, 1, true, 3)

A command that allows the player to flash their window after a certain period of time for a certain count.

	function(_, wait, count)
		wait = tonumber(wait) -- makes "wait" a number, this will be false if it can't be converted
		shouldFlash = type(wait) == "number" -- if wait is given, we should flash, otherwise we shouldn't
		wait = wait or 5-- make wait default to 1 second if it isn't a number
		count = tonumber(count) or 5 -- makes "count" a number, 5 if it can't be converted

		setTimer(setWindowFlashing, wait*1000, 1, shouldFlash, count)

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