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This function decrypts given base64 representation of encrypted data using the Tiny Encryption Algorithm.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Important Note: Use decodeString instead, because teaEncode inflates the file size by as high as ~77% (or by ~33% if the input isn't binary converted to base64 string).
[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Important Note: teaDecode cannot handle binary data.


string teaDecode ( string data, string key )

Required Arguments

  • data: The block of data you want to decrypt
  • key: The key that should be used for decryption (Only first 16 characters are used)


Returns string containing the decrypted data if the decryption process was successfully completed, false otherwise.


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Example 1

This example creates a /teadecrypt command, which reverts the TEA on a given string with the specified key.

function decryptString( cmd, theString, theKey )
    if ( theString ) and ( theKey ) then
        local decodedString = teaDecode( theString, theKey ) -- Decode the string with the key
        outputChatBox( "The decoded string is: " .. tostring( decodedString ) )
        outputChatBox( "Syntax: /" .. cmd .. " [string] [key]" )
addCommandHandler( "teadecrypt", decryptString )

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