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This function is for getting the details of a running timer.


int, int, int getTimerDetails ( timer theTimer )

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Method: timer:getDetails(...)

Required Arguments

  • theTimer: A timer element.


  • Integer one represents the time left in miliseconds (1000th of a second) of the current time left in the loop.
  • Integer two represents the amount of times the timer has left to execute.
  • Integer three represents the amount of times the timer will execute.
  • Returns false if the timer doesn't exist or stopped running. Also, debugscript will say "Bad Argument @ 'getTimerDetails'". To prevent this, you can check if the timer exists with isTimer().


This example creates a 1 second (1000 ms) timer that will run 10 times, and you can see the timer details by using the command: timerdetails.

theTimer = setTimer(function() end, 1000, 10) -- A timer that does nothing.

function timerDetails()
	remaining, executesRemaining, totalExecutes = getTimerDetails(theTimer) -- Get the timers details
	if (remaining and executesRemaining and totalExecutes) then
		outputChatBox("Time remaining this second: "..remaining.." Executes remaining: "..executesRemaining.." Total executes: "..totalExecutes)
		outputChatBox("Timer no longer exists")
addCommandHandler("timerdetails", timerDetails)

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