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This function allows you to kill/halt existing timers.


bool killTimer ( timer theTimer )

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Method: timer:destroy(...)

Required Arguments

  • theTimer: The timer you wish to halt.


Returns true if the timer was successfully killed, false if no such timer existed.


This example kills all timers with a remaining time of less than 1 minute.

-- Find and kill all the timers with less than 1 minute to go
timers = getTimers ( 60000 )
-- Loop through the timer list
for timerKey, timerValue in ipairs(timers) do
	-- kill the timer
      killTimer ( timerValue )

This example checks if the time then kill the timer.

-- set timer output text in chat box
local Timer = setTimer ( function ( ) outputChatBox ( 'Hello World !' ) end, 60000, 0 )
-- Check the timer then kill the timer
if isTimer ( Timer ) then killTimer ( Timer ) end

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