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[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Tip:
  • The sha module and this function may conflict with eachother, if you use this function uninstall the module!
  • This function returns an uppercase string, so make sure you string.upper() anything else you are checking against that has been sha256'd elsewhere.

Calculates the sha256 hash of the specified string.


string sha256 ( string str )

Required Arguments

  • str: the string to hash.


Returns the sha256 hash of the input string if successful, false otherwise.


Minimum server version 1.3.1-9.04836
Minimum client version 1.3.1-9.04836

Note: Using this feature requires the resource to have the above minimum version declared in the meta.xml <min_mta_version> section. e.g. <min_mta_version server="1.3.1-9.04836" client="1.3.1-9.04836" />


addCommandHandler ( "sha", -- Create a command
	function ( thePlayer, command, input )
		if ( input ) then -- Check if the string exist
			local sha256hash = sha256( input ) -- Generate the hash
			outputChatBox( sha256hash ) -- Output the hash in the chat

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