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This function splits a string using the given separating character and returns one specified substring.


string gettok ( string text, int tokenNumber, string / int separatingCharacter )

Required Arguments

  • text: the string that should be split.
  • tokenNumber: which token should be returned (1 for the first, 2 for the second, and so on).
  • separatingCharacter: the ASCII number representing the character you want to use to separate the tokens. You can easily retrieve this by running string.byte on a string containing the separating character.


Returns a string containing the token if it exists, false otherwise.


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This example retrieves the startskin and endskin for spawning a player from a string of two numbers "a,b"

-- Put the string with the skins in a variable. Normally you would read it from a .map file or something.
local skins = "20,30"
-- Get the startskin and endskin strings ("20" and "30" in this case)
local startskin = gettok ( skins, 1, string.byte(',') )
local endskin = gettok ( skins, 2, string.byte(',') )
-- Get a random skin in the range
local skin = math.random ( tonumber(startskin), tonumber(endskin) )

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