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This function sets the players clipboard text (what appears when you paste with CTRL + V)


bool setClipboard ( string theText )

Required Arguments

  • theText: The new text to be in the players clipboard when the player pastes with CTRL + V.


Returns true if the text in the clip board was set correctly.


This example adds a command called clipboard which lets you set your clipboard text.

addCommandHandler( "clipboard", -- add a command handler for the command
   function( command, ... )
      local text = table.concat({...}, " ") -- if the text has spaces this will turn it into a string
      local success = setClipboard( text ) -- set the clipboard and find out if it worked
      if success then
         outputChatBox( "Clipboard text set to: " .. text, 0, 255, 0 ) -- if it did, tell the player
         outputChatBox( "Failed to set the clipboards text", 255, 0, 0 ) -- if it didn't, tell the player

This example is to allow you to copy the words that are written in edit box

window = guiCreateWindow(47, 105, 262, 56, "example By ProGamer", false) 
edit = guiCreateEdit(47, 105, 262, 56, "", false, window)  
button1 = guiCreateButton(58, 220, 234, 46, "copy", false, window)

function clickedButton1()
    local text = guiGetText(edit)
addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", button1, clickedButton1, false)

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