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Reason(s): Is this also triggered for explosions outside the stream distance?

This event is triggered every time an explosion is created on the current clients scene (inside the streamer)


float x, float y, float z, int theType
  • x: the X Coordinate of where the explosion was created
  • y: the Y Coordinate of where the explosion was created
  • z: the z Coordinate of where the explosion was created
  • theType: the type of explosion created, Values are:
    • 0: Grenade
    • 1: Molotov
    • 2: Rocket
    • 3: Rocket Weak
    • 4: Car
    • 5: Car Quick
    • 6: Boat
    • 7: Heli
    • 8: Mine
    • 9: Object
    • 10: Tank Grenade
    • 11: Small
    • 12: Tiny


The source of this event is the explosions creator element (object/vehicle/player)


If this event is canceled, the explosion will not occur.


This example outputs the type of element that created the explosion into the chatbox.

function ClientExplosionFunction(x,y,z,theType)
	outputChatBox("Explosion created by a "..getElementType(source))

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