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This event triggers whenever a GTA sound starts playing.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: Use setWorldSoundEnabled if you want to disable certain sounds conditionless.

For example, you should only cancel player emitted sounds in this event, because when you cancel certain vehicle sounds, the game will try to play the same sound on the next frame.


int group, int index, float x, float y, float z
  • group: An integer representing the world sound group
  • index: An integer representing an individual sound within the group
  • x: a floating point number representing the X coordinate on the map.
  • y: a floating point number representing the Y coordinate on the map.
  • z: a floating point number representing the Z coordinate on the map.


The source of this event is the element, which emitted the sound.

Cancel effect

If this event is canceled, the sound won't play at all.


Example 1: This example will cancel every vehicle sound.

addEventHandler("onClientWorldSound", root, function()
    if getElementType(source) == "vehicle" then

Example 2: This example lets you see how many times each sound that gets played has been played using '/seesoundlist'.

local sounds = {}

addEventHandler("onClientWorldSound", root, function(group, index)
	sounds[group.." | "..index] = (sounds[group.." | "..index] or 0) + 1

function cmdSeeSoundList()
	-- Put the non iterated table into an interated table so we can sort them
	local tbl = {}
	for sound, count in pairs(sounds) do
		tbl[#tbl + 1] = {sound, count}
	table.sort(tbl, function(a, b) return a[2] > b[2] end)
	-- Output the table to clipboard
	local str = "Group | Index: Times played\n"
	for i, dat in ipairs(tbl) do
		str = str..dat[1]..": "..dat[2].."\n"
	outputChatBox("Use CTRL + V in notepad to view the table.")
addCommandHandler("seesoundlist", cmdSeeSoundList)

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