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This event is triggered whenever a ped dies.


element killer, int weapon, int bodypart, float loss
  • killer: A player element representing the killer.
  • weapon: An integer representing the killer weapon or the damage types.
  • bodypart: An integer representing the bodypart the player was damaged.
  • 3: Torso
  • 4: Ass
  • 5: Left Arm
  • 6: Right Arm
  • 7: Left Leg
  • 8: Right Leg
  • 9: Head
  • loss: A float representing the percentage of health the ped lost in the final "hit".


The source of this event is the ped that died.


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This example outputs a message every time a player kills another player.

-- define the event handler function
function onWasted(killer, weapon, bodypart)
    if ( killer and getElementType(killer) == "player" and getElementType(source) == "player" ) then
        outputChatBox(getPlayerName(killer).." has killed ".. getPlayerName(source) ..".") -- output the kill message to the chatbox.

-- add the event handler
addEventHandler("onClientPedWasted", getRootElement(), onWasted)

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