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This function makes an existing radar area flash in transparency.


bool setRadarAreaFlashing ( radararea theRadarArea, bool flash )

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: radararea:setFlashing(...)
Variable: .flashing
Counterpart: isRadarAreaFlashing

Required Arguments

  • theRadarArea: the radararea element we want to change flashing state of.
  • flash: a bool indicating whether the radar area should flash (true to flash, false to not flash).


Returns true if the new flash state was successfully set, false if the radar area doesn't exist or invalid arguments were passed.


Example 1: This example checks to see whether an existing radar area (someArea) is flashing, and forces it to flash if it isn't:

local isFlashing = isRadarAreaFlashing ( someArea )
if isFlashing then                                           -- if the area is already flashing...
    outputChatBox ( "The radar area is already flashing." )
else                                                         -- if it isn't...
    setRadarAreaFlashing ( someArea, true )                  -- make the area flash

Example 2: This example creates a radar area for the King of the Hill script, and a colsquare. When the player enters the radar area flashes, it stops flashing when a player leaves.

-- create our hill area for our gamemode
local hillArea = createColSquare ( -2171.0678710938, 678.17950439453, 0, 15, 15 )
local hillRadar = createRadarArea ( -2183.5678710938, 705.67950439453, 40, -40, 0, 255, 0, 175 )

-- add hill_Enter as a handler for when a player enters the hill area
function hill_Enter ( thePlayer, matchingDimension )
    -- announce to everyone that the player entered the hill
    outputChatBox( getPlayerName(thePlayer) .. " entered the zone!", root, 255, 255, 109 )
    setRadarAreaFlashing ( hillRadar, true )
addEventHandler ( "onColShapeHit", hillArea, hill_Enter )

-- add hill_Enter as a handler for when a player leaves the hill area
function hill_Exit ( thePlayer, matchingDimension )
    -- check if the player is not dead
    if isPlayerDead ( thePlayer ) ~= true then
        -- if he was alive, announce to everyone that the player has left the hill
        outputChatBox ( getPlayerName(thePlayer) .. " left the zone!", root, 255, 255, 109 )
        setRadarAreaFlashing ( hillRadar, false )
addEventHandler ( "onColShapeLeave", hillArea, hill_Exit )

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