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ACL or Access Control List is a set of rights grouped together to create a list, they are defined in the ACL.xml file as <acl> nodes. These ACLs can then be added to certain ACL Groups to grant or deny these groups specified permissions or acces to server scripting functions defined in the ACL. Example of an ACL:

<acl name="Example">
        <right name="general.ModifyOtherObjects" access="true" />
        <right name="function.startResource" access="true" />
        <right name="function.stopResource" access="true" />
        <right name="function.shutdown" access="false" />
        <right name="command.shutdown" access="false" />

This creates ACL called Example and gives resources access to start/stop resources and modify other resources but denies access to shutting down the server. Players that are in group using this ACL will be denied access to shutdown command.

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