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This function returns whether the access for the given right is set to true or false in the ACL.


bool aclGetRight ( acl theAcl, string rightName )

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Method: acl:getRight(...)
Counterpart: aclSetRight

Required Arguments

  • theAcl: The ACL to get the right from
  • rightName: The right name to return the access value of.


Returns true or false if the ACL gives access or not to the given function. Returns nil if it failed for some reason, e.g. an invalid ACL was specified or the right specified does not exist in the ACL.


This example lets players check if an ACL group has access to something or not.

--theACL examples: Admin, Default, Moderator
--theRight examples: command.debugscript, function.banPlayer

function aclRightCheck(player, command, theACL, theRight)
	if (theACL and theRight) then -- Make sure atleast two arguments were entered.
		local theACL = aclGet(theACL) -- If theACL exists then convert it into an ACL pointer from a string.
		if (theACL) then -- If the ACL was found.
			local theReturn = aclGetRight(theACL, theRight) -- Will return true if it was found in the ACL.
			outputChatBox("The ACL right was found and returned: "..tostring(theReturn), player, 0, 255, 0)
			outputChatBox("The ACL you entered was not found to exist in the ACL file.", player, 255, 0, 0) -- When the ACL was not found.
		outputChatBox("You need to enter an ACL, and a right name.", player, 255, 0, 0) -- When 2 arguements weren't entered.
addCommandHandler("aclgetright", aclRightCheck) -- When a player does the aclgetright command it calls aclRightCheck function above.
-- Example of use: /aclgetright Admin command.debugscript (this should return true)
-- Example of use: /aclgetright Default command.debugscript (this should return false)

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