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This function creates a group in the ACL. An ACL group can contain objects like players and resources. They specify who has access to the ACL's in this group.


aclgroup aclCreateGroup ( string groupName )

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Method: ACLGroup(...)

Required Arguments

  • groupName: The name of the group to create


Returns the pointer to the created aclgroup if successful. Returns false if failed.


This example adds a command addobjecttogroup with which you can easily add new objects to specified access control list groups.

function addACLGroupObject ( thePlayer, commandName, groupName, objectName )
    local ourGroup = aclGetGroup ( groupName )
    -- if there is no previous group with this name, we need to create one
    if not ourGroup then
        ourGroup = aclCreateGroup ( groupName )

    -- if object name wasn't given
    if not objectName then
        -- print out message to chatbox
        return outputChatBox ( "You need to specify the object!", thePlayer )

    -- and finally let's add the object to it's group
    aclGroupAddObject ( ourGroup, objectName )
    -- don't forget to save the ACL after it has been modified
    aclSave ()
addCommandHandler ( "addobjecttogroup", addACLGroupObject )

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