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This function destroys the ACL passed. The destroyed ACL will no longer be valid.


bool aclDestroy ( acl theACL )

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Method: acl:destroy(...)

Required Arguments

  • theACL: The ACL to destroy


Returns true if successfully destroyed and false if it could not be deleted (ie. it's not valid).


This example shows you a command to delete an ACL:

function deleteSomeACL ( thePlayer, cmdname, theACL )
    if aclGet ( theACL ) then --Check if the specified ACL exists
        --If it does
        local deleted = aclDestroy ( theACL ) --Try to delete the ACL
        if deleted then --If the ACL has been deleted
            --We will give the player a succes-message
            outputChatBox ( "ACL " ..theACL.. " Succesfully removed!", thePlayer )
        else --If there was something wrong while deleting
            --We send the player an error message
            outputChatBox ( "Error while removing ACL " ..theACL.. "!", thePlayer )
    else --If the ACL doesn't exists
        outputChatBox ( "Error: Invalid ACL Name specified, or the ACL doesn't exist.", thePlayer )
addCommandHandler ( "deleteACL", deleteSomeACL ) --Add the commandhandler

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