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This functions changes or adds the given right in the given ACL. The access can be true or false and specifies whether the ACL gives access to the right or not.


bool aclSetRight ( acl theAcl, string rightName, bool hasAccess )

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Method: acl:setRight(...)
Counterpart: aclGetRight

Required Arguments

  • theAcl: The ACL to change the right of
  • rightName: The right to add/change the access property of. It must be prefixed with "function." or "command." or "general." or "resource."
  • hasAccess: Whether the access should be set to true or false


Returns true if the access was successfully changed, false or nil if it failed for some reason, ie. invalid ACL or the rightname is invalid.


This example adds a command setaclright with which you can easily add new rights to specified access control lists.

function setACLRight ( thePlayer, commandName, aclName, rightName, access )
    local ourACL = aclGet ( aclName )
    -- if there is no previous ACL with this name, we need to create one
    if not ourACL then
        ourACL = aclCreate ( aclName )

    -- turn the boolean string to lower case
    access = string.lower ( access )
    -- access has to be either true or false (booleans)
    if not (access == "true" or access == "false") then
        -- print out error message to debug window
        return outputDebugString ( "Invalid access; true and false are only accepted", 1 )

    -- change the access to boolean
    if access == "true" then
        access = true
        access = false

    -- and finally let's set the right
    aclSetRight ( ourACL, rightName, access )
    -- don't forget to save the ACL after it has been modified
    aclSave ()
addCommandHandler ( "setaclright", setACLRight )

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