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This function allows you to register a custom event. Custom events function exactly like the built-in events. See event system for more information on the event system.


bool addEvent ( string eventName [, bool allowRemoteTrigger = false ] )   

Required Arguments

  • eventName: The name of the event you wish to create.

Optional Arguments


Returns true if the event was added successfully, false if the event was already added.


This example will define a new event called onSpecialEvent.

-- Add a new event called onSpecialEvent
addEvent ( "onSpecialEvent", true )

-- Define our handler function, that takes a "text" parameter and outputs it to the chatbox
function specialEventHandler ( text )
	outputChatBox ( text )

-- Add it as a handler for our event
addEventHandler ( "onSpecialEvent", root, specialEventHandler )

You can then trigger this event later on using:

	triggerEvent ( "onSpecialEvent", root, "test" )

This will cause the handler to be triggered, so "test" will be output to the chatbox.

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