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This functions removes a handler function from an event, so that the function is not called anymore when the event is triggered. See event system for more information on how the event system works.


bool removeEventHandler ( string eventName, element attachedTo, function functionVar ) 

Required Arguments

  • eventName: The name of the event you want to detach the handler function from.
  • attachedTo: The element the handler was attached to.
  • functionVar: The handler function that was attached.


Returns true if the event handler was removed successfully. Returns false if the specified event handler could not be found or invalid parameters were passed.


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This example shows how to toggle a message on/off a screen with a command.

function drawText() -- A function to draw the text we want
	dxDrawText(text, 10,100) -- creates a dx text 10 pixels from left, 100 from top of the screen
function doText(command, ...)
	if command == "starttext" then -- if player wrote /starttext
		text = table.concat({...}," ") -- then we retrieve the text
		addEventHandler("onClientRender", getRootElement(), drawText) 		-- and since addEventHandler and removeEventHandler's syntax is the same, we just define the function we use later
	elseif command == "stoptext" then
		removeEventHandler("onClientRender", getRootElement(), drawText) 	-- this time we use removeEventHandler
addCommandHandler("starttext", doText) -- add two command handlers to doText function
addCommandHandler("stoptext", doText)

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