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Returns a list of key names that are bound to the specified game control or console command.


table getBoundKeys ( string command/control )

Required Arguments

  • command/control: the name of a game control or a console command. See the control names page for valid controls.


If one or more keys are bound to the specified control or console command, a table is returned indexed by the names of the keys and containing key states as values. If no keys are bound or an invalid name was passed, returns false.


This code adds a command handler with which you can check out the keybinds for any game control. As an example, typing "/keys forwards" would list all the keys which you can press to make the player walk forward.

function keysCommand ( command, controlName )
    if not controlName then                     -- make sure they specified a control name
        outputChatBox ( "No control name specified", 255, 0, 0 )
    local keys = getBoundKeys ( controlName )   -- get the keys bound to this control
    if not keys then                            -- make sure the control name is valid and any keys are bound to it
        outputChatBox ( "No keys bound to " .. controlName, 255, 0, 0 )
    outputChatBox ( "Keys bound to " .. controlName .. ":", 0, 255, 0 )
    for keyName, state in pairs(keys) do
        outputChatBox ( keyName, 0, 255, 0 )

addCommandHandler ( "keys", keysCommand )

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