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This function gets the camera shake level set by setCameraShakeLevel.


int getCameraShakeLevel ( )


Returns an integer representing the camera shake level, from 0 (no shaking effect) to 255 (maximum shaking effect). By default, the camera has no shaking effect.


This example checks for changes in the camera shake level of any player every frame and outputs different messages according to it.

local lastDrunkLevel = getCameraShakeLevel()
local function warnPlayerAboutDrunkenness()
    local currentDrunkLevel = getCameraShakeLevel()
    if currentDrunkLevel ~= lastDrunkLevel and (currentDrunkLevel == 0 or currentDrunkLevel == 255) then
        outputChatBox(currentDrunkLevel == 255 and "You're completly drunk! You should stop drinking!" or "Now you are completely sober! You sohuld keep it like that.", currentDrunkLevel == 255 and 255 or 0, currentDrunkLevel == 0 and 255 or 0, 0)
    lastDrunkLevel = currentDrunkLevel
addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, warnPlayerAboutDrunkenness)

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